Student FM - Cityskape videos created to display local areas where student FM housing are situated

Cuts & Bruises Barber Shop - I have created some great promo videos for cuts & bruises to use on thier website and to use as a social media marketing video

Havilands - Video tours of prestigious properties. These videos were created for Havilands Estate agents as a marketing tool. - Asked to take this fantastic drone footage of some vast incredible landscape and create 3 short videos. One that was slow and sentimental, one that was fast and racy, and another that was happy and up lifting.

Quasar - Epic and playful Promo videos created to advertise Quasar Anytime. One of the UK's best online IT Video training portals and to advertise the latest and greatest products (Microsoft Office 2013) that was scheduled for release. - Interview with Sam Lake - Creative Director at Remedy about the release of thier latest creation Quantum Break. A combined of interview and some exciting unseen in game footage and a teaser at the end.

Showreel - A brief demonstration of some

of the videos projects that I have created.

Client List

I have worked with a wide range of clients on a wide range of jobs.

Here are Some of the clients that I have worked for:

British Gas

Student FM

River Island

Marks & Spencer

Dialog Semiconductor

CITB Construction Industry Training Board




SONY PlayStation

Gran Turismo

Elite Dangerous

Magdoos Media Ltd - The Hut

DSBC Productions

Quasar Anytime

Enter IT ltd




Names Not Numbers

Havilands Estates

Cuts & Bruise Barber Shop