Here are some of the personal videos i have created over the years.

Saki 's 30th Birthday Messages - Friends and family sent videos wishing Saki a Happy 30th birthday as he would be away on holiday at the time of his birthday. The Video has a Star Wars theme.

Max & Tims Engagement - A video created to show all the cool things that that my fiance and I have shared leading up to our engagement.

Charlie "Uber" Meancat - Charlie aka Charlie the Cu*T aka Pierre the Billionaire aka Charles Menegatos Visits Thailand.

The Stag 2 trailer

The Meancat Party - Parties at MeanCat Mansions have  become legendary over the years. This was the first of many.

Zorbing - Chris "Fatty" Georgiou's birthday party. A group of lads running around bouncing off one another.