Here at ALEXTIMINI.COM we offer a wide range of services and have worked across a variation of platforms. We have worked on Documentaries, Music Videos, Video Game Trailers , Promos,  Interviews, Video Diaries, Web Dramas, TV Dramas, Fashion Shows, Advertising Campaigns, Tutorials and Training Videos, and more.


A couple of examples of filming are when we provided services to Elite Dangerous at Games-com Expo at Birmingham NEC where we filmed the stand over two days compiling videos of interviews, gaming competitions, time lapse and overview shots. We have also set up live streams for Sony PlayStation's official unavailing of the latest version of Gran Turismo at the Copper Box Arena on the Olympic Park. This included filming gaming competitions, overviews of the event, talks and interviews with the games creator and some of the best players from around the world. 

Why Video?​


We are living in an age where video is still the most powerful medium but it is accessed completely different than in the past. We all have some kind of video footage either stored on our phones, mobile devices, sd cards, pcs, laptops or on external hard drives and unfortunately our memories and videos aren't seen and as years pass by, as devices change and hard drives fail, all could be lost and our memories gone forever.

Living in the social media era, we are compelled to share our videos and experiences with friends, family,  followers and the world.

Bespoke Video

We love the creation of new content and we love receiving your raw footage and giving you in return something that you can share proudly. We Have already created many bespoke videos for ordinary people Videos such as Stag and Hen Parties, Birthdays, Holidays, Baby's 1st Year, House Parties, BBQs, Functions and Shows, Music Gigs, Best man speeches, as well as video aids that are used in best man speeches. We have created videos of favorite football team or footballer, competitive matches or even five a side with mates.

We aim to bring our way of thinking to the masses and not just to those with heavy pockets. We believe that everyone in all walks of life should be able to share exciting and cutting edge video.  

Let us revive your video so you can share it with the world.

 Your memories can last forever.