Video Editor, Producer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 

We love video and the creation of new original content in any way shape or form. Video has always been an extremely powerful medium and continues to adapt.
In today's world.  Although video may be accessed and utilised differently via mobile devices and social media, has fast become an accessible medium and has become even more powerful than ever. With video everywhere we turn, be it Facebook Instagram YouTube etc, combined with the accessibility of cameras, camera phones, GoPros etc, we all have more Photographic and video footage. Our Mobiles phones, laptops and memory cards are filed with birthdays, parties, holidays, Christmas or new year,  friends and family, days or nights out, kids growing up, and so on. We all collect our memories, but where will our memories be in years to come. When sd cards and readers change when phones get old and lost, just like so many of our old cine camera film and VCR home movies in the past that simply disappeared down a technological line. We have so much footage scattered around that even allocating it can be challenging.
Let us create memories that don't fade with time.
Video can touch people in many different ways evoking different emotions just like any great art form. 
We can bring the world together through video.


We can create projects together.
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